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Longarm Quilting

We offer Long Arm Services from small baby quilt tops to King size quilt tops. You can drop off at our shop or mail us your Quilt Top. Choose your quilt pattern from the options listed.  If you don't see what you want, we can order the quilt design of your choosing for an additional $10 fee.  

Minimum Quilt Charge is $85. There is a $5 thread fee per quilt Twin size or smaller and $10 for Queen/King sizes.

To determine price, take your length x width of quilt - then multiply this times .025.

Example 55x65 quilt top will be 3576 square inches times .025 = 89.40 quilt charge.

Backing must be 10 Inches longer and wider than quilt top. This gives us 5" inches all the way around.  For example a 55x65 quilt needs a back that is 65x75.

We have lots of backing fabrics including 108" fabrics. We are happy to help you select your backing. Mail us your top and we will send you photos of our favorite picks for your backing. Cuddle makes excellent backing. You can view our cuddle selection by searching Cuddle. It is either 60" wide or 90" wide.

We can piece your backing for an additional $15 charge. If you do not send us enough backing, there will be an additional $10 per top and bottom to add leaders to the backing. These leaders are to allow us to properly attach the backing to the machine and will be cut off once the quilt is finished.

Please do your best to press your top and backing and cut excess threads from quilt top. 

Do not "sandwhich" your top, batting, and backing.  We load each one separately onto the longarm. 

Please let us know if the quilt is for a special occasion and we will do our best to ensure it is back to you in time. Please allow 2-4 weeks for us to complete your quilt.  Lead Times can extend to around    6 weeks during peak times.

Sew Much Love Quilt Store
Longarm Order Form

Choose Your Batting
Click on the Digitized Patterns to Choose your quilt design.
Do this BEFORE completing the Form as the form will not save your date until submitted.

Fill out this form when sending in your quilt.  You may also fill this out when bringing your quilt into the store.  Hit the Submit button below and we will have your form printed out when you come in. It will make the process quick and easy!

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