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T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilts are a wonderful way to repurpose old t-shirts into a memorable and treasured gift.

Just bring in your shirts (uncut) and we will design a custom quilt that will be sure to delight the recipient.

  • High School Graduation gift with collection of shirts from school and extra curricular activities

  • Retirement Gifts from organizations shirts

  • Birthday and Christmas gifts with collection of shirts from:  

    • High School/College

    • College Quilts 

    • Cheerleading/Drill Team/Dance Quilts

    • Sports Played or Favorite Team Shirts

    • Vacations

    • T-Shirt Quilts can also include Embroidered Blocks and Photo Blocks


What makes our T-Shirt Quilts different than others?

Each shirt is backed with high quality interfacing material to limit stretching and shifting to achieve a better overall design. This also allows it to hold its shape over time. Once the quilt top is made, it is assembled with the quilt backing material and batting on our longarm machine and professionally longarmmed with your choice of quilt design. Then the quilt is finished with binding. All materials used are high quality and will stand the test of time.  These are true quilts, not blankets.  

Caring for your quilt:  Quilts can be Machine Washed and Dried.  We suggest to wash in cool water and low to medium heat in dryer. If Cuddle is used on the back, do not use fabric softeners in the wash or dryer sheets that contain fabric softeners to maintain original softness.

Types of T-Shirt Quilt Designs

Simple with Border - This has no fabric in-between or around individual t-shirts

Basic Sashing with Border- same fabric separating each shirt 

Framed with Border - Two complimentary colored fabrics are used.  Half the shirts are bordered in each color.

Puzzle Design -  The graphics of each shirt are cropped which gives you various sized pieces. The top is designed much like a puzzle with varying sizes of graphics.  Additional coordinating fabric is used to fill in spaces and give your eye a rest.  This achieves a more balanced design.

Most shirt blocks are 12-14 inches.  We can use both child sized and adult sized shirts int he same quilt.  We will border out the smaller shirts with coordinating fabric to make all blocks the same size. 

IMG_1570 (1)_edited.jpg





T-shirt Pricing.jpg

Sew Much Love Quilt Store
T-Shirt Quilt Order Form


Quilt Design

Quilt Size Wanted





Special Instructions

Name Embroidered    $20


Embroidery Block $30


Indicate Parts of Shirts to Use

Marking Shirts
If you would like specific parts of shirts to be used, please mark with blue painters tape. You can put a large X over parts you don't want used and a square around those you do want used.  Wright on the tape if you want a specific placement for that shirt. 

If not marked, we will use our best judgement to give you a nice layout and design, including a prominent piece from every shirt.

Thank you for entrusting us with your cherished memories.  We will notify you by email when we receive your shirts and then when we are sending the completed quilt back to you. 
Return of Finished Quilt

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