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Quilting Services

We offer a variety of services for everyone, whether you are a quilter or not.

For those of you who love quilts but don't have the time or desire to make one yourself, we create custom  quilts of all types including T-Shirt quilts and Memory Quilts. Just provide us with the clothing pieces you would like to incorporate into a quilt and we will do the rest.  We pride ourselves on providing your with a quilt that is sure to be a treasured heirloom. We even have many quilters who prefer to have us create T-Shirt quilts for their family members instead of tackling these themselves.  

We also finish those quilt tops that your loved ones made, many years ago, but never finished.  We can complete these for you and help ensure they last for another generation.

For our quilters, we have 3 Long Arm machines to finish your quilt tops with digitized pantographs. We also provide binding services for those that hate to bind.  You can complete our on-line form, pick your pantograph from one of our 160 designs, and mail it in to us. Many people who live within several hours of Granbury, mail in their quilts and then make a trip to Granbury to pick it up in person.  Granbury is a wonderful place for a day trip with friends or family.

You will not find the Quilt Police at Sew Much Love Quilt Store.  Quilting is an art form and every quilt has its flaws once it is put on the longarm. For us, quilting is all about the joy we find while practicing our craft and the joy we bring to those who receive the precious gift of a handmade quilt.

Want to give your quilts a professional finish on your own but don't have a long arm?  You can take a class on our long arms and then rent time to complete your own quilt tops.  

Click on any of the services below to learn more.



We finish your quilt tops and give them a professional look with digitized quilt patterns that complement your quilt design. Prices start at .025 per inch.  Binding Service is  also available for .25 cents per linear inch.


Beginning Quilt Classes

Want to Learn to Quilt?  We have you covered.  See why we Love Quilting.

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Long Arm Classes & Rentals

Take a longarm class and then rent time on one of our 3 Longarms


T-Shirt Quilts

Gather up all those t-shirts you have been collecting and we will turn them into a memorable quilt.


Memory Quilts

Memory Quilts are a great way to honor your loved one and to have something to cherish made from their clothing.

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Custom Quilts

We create many different types of custom quilts. 

Sew Much Love Quilt Shop

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