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Hex-A-Ma-Jig Jr

his 2 1/2" clear template has etched lines to see on any fabric.  The full template is a half hexagon with lines for cutting full and partial hexies.  Hex-a-ma-jig Jr. is a "little" of Hex-a-ma-jig.  Junior's 2 1/2" height makes it PERFECT to use with popular 2 1/2" strips.  The template come with detailed instructions for cutting half hexies, full hexies, side edge hexies, 60 degree triangles and diamonds and partial sewn hexies for baby blocks.  Also included are six quilt ideas to get you started.

Junior quilts are the smaller version in front of Hex-a-ma-jig quilts.  Be sure to check out the free "Junior Jelly Roll Quilt" pattern, under free patterns!

Hex-A-Ma-Jig Jr Template Ruler

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