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The Q"nique 19X Elite quilting machine gives you the furthest reach the most advanced and intuitive features and the most impressive quilting experience that our Q"nique machines have ever offered. The incredible power smooth motion from Grace Company


Designed to Feel Familiar

Making the leap to a longarm machine can be intimidating, but the Q'nique 19X Elite makes it easy! This machine is lightweight and easily maneuverable compared to other longarms.


Extended Quilting Area

19 inches of throat space lets you quilt much bigger, more intricate quilt blocks and finish quilts faster


Bigger, Better Touchscreen Display

7" full-color display provides a variety of highly accessible tools and options at your fingertips, including on-screen help guides and instructions.


Elite Technology

Discover innovative technology like a patented Edge Warning® system to keep you inside your quilting area, or a bobbin estimator feature that tells you how much longer your bobbin will last.


Perfect for Detailed Stitchwork

With a speed of up to 2,600 stitches-per-minute and built-in stitch regulation, you can quilt at any speed knowing that your stitches will be beautifully consistent.


Adjustable Handles

The handles of the Q'nique 19X Elite can be adjusted to the most comfortable position for you, so you can quilt for longer without any aches and pains.


Comfrot Grip Design

The soft, ergonomic handles are designed to follow the contours and curves of your hand, relieving stress in your hands and wrists so you can quilt comfortably.😊


4 Quick-Access Buttons

There are two buttons on each handle with user-friendly labels: start/stop the machine, adjust needle position up/down, and speed up/slow down the machine.


Adjustable Hopping Foot

The hopping foot can be rotated to give you the best view of your stitching.



Built-in bobbin winder with fill-level sensors and easy-to-use controls



Dual thread mast for quilting and winding bobbins at the same time



Needle work light with dimmer function to control light intensity

19X Elite Longarm Q'Nique Quilting Machine from Grace Company


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